Paraffin Gauze Dressing BPC

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Paraffin Gauze Dressing BPC

Non-adherent dressing produced from Leno-Weave gauze (100% Cotton) impregnated with soft paraffin BPC.

Used in treatment of wounds such as burns and scalds, and for skin grafts.

Presented in single piece individually sealed as well as in a container having many bandages separated by an interleaf paper. Tin pack (30pcs) of 10cm X 10cm

We are proud to introduce sterile products with confidence, sterilized with the GAMMA IRRADIATION, the most reliable, effective and superior method of sterilization than heat, autoclaving and chemical method of sterilization for the surgical dressings.

Quality Control Parameters for Sterilization:

Sterilization of products is done by gamma irradiation, observing recommended code of practices of the international atomic energy agency (IAEA), OF U.S.A., a UN agency and those of Food and drug Administration (FDA) of U.S.A., which is the most dependable and effective technique for achieving a high degree of sterility. This involves exposure of products to cobalt _ 60 radiations, which results in complete destruction of microorganisms and their spores. Autoclaving and ethylene oxide sterilization is considered inferior to that done by gamma irradiation.

Our quality control laboratory is fully equipped to handle and conduct testing to most relevant international standards (i.e. BP, BPC & USP) at all stages of manufacture, from fiber to finished products.

No batch can leave the factory prior issuance of a Release Certificate by the quality Control Department.

Also they are responsible for in- process quality control.

This result in our customers benefit from a top quality to end product, which further enhances the reputation.


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