Zig Zag Cotton

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Zig Zag Cotton

100% Highly Absorbent, Pure White Cotton.

  • Fully neutralized good quality staple.
  • Used for Medical Purposes Free from any irritant.
  • Free from Coloring substances.
  • Confirmed to BPC Specification.
  • Paper Packing / Moisture proof packing.
  • Produced through totally process accordingly to BPC

specifications. Adopted advance techniques for manufacturing and dried in Dried Chamber. Maintained GMP required standards and quality Control Procedures. well-carded cotton fibers, of average length not less than 10 mm, bleached to a good white, free from pieces of thread and reasonably free from leaf, shell, and foreign matter. It offers appreciable resistance when pulled and dose not shed any appreciable quantity of dust when gently shaken. The quality and material is the same throughout. It is odorless or almost odorless. It may be slightly off-white if it has been sterilized.


Absorbent Cotton Wool is recommended for a variety of applications during surgery, cleaning and packing of wound. Other than the medical usages. Absorbent cotton wool complying with the requirements in this monograph for staple length and naps is suitable for cleansing and swabbing wounds, for pre-operative skin preparation, and for the application of medicaments to wounds. It is sufficiently resilient dressing to protect the wound and for the absorption of fluids. It may be available as small pieces or “balls”.

For insertion into orifices such a the ear and nose, for application to the throat and eye, and for the preparation of swabs for taking specimens, it is advisable to use a cotton wool with a longer staple length than is specified in this monograph. Grades with shorter staple lengths and more naps have less resilience and are more dusty.


Available in different packing sizes and weights in Paper Packing. It should be enclosed in either well-closed packages or sealed packages, according to the requirements of the user. Waxed paper should not be used for any wrapping in contact with the cotton wool, as it reduces the absorbency of the material. If the material is sterile, it should be enclosed in a sealed package and the directions given in Appendix 29 should be followed; the inner wrapper may enclose a number of pieces or “balls”.

Weight Size

500 gm

9" Width x 3 M Lengths

400 gm

9" Width x 3 M Lengths

250 gm

9" Width x

200 gm

9" Width x

100 gm

5" Width x

50 gm:

4" Width x25 gm

3" Width x

in Zigzag 100 gm , 4" Width x50 gm , 3" Width x

In Ball 100 gm

100 Balls


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